Plus ça change...

By SooB

River deep

I'm dreaming about work. In a way that wakes me up to work out some tricky drafting. I'm pretty sure I'm not being paid for sleeping hours.

I'm trying to not let work take over all my waking hours, so this afternoon CarbBoy and I had a long Poké-walk around Lavaur. As you can see, our river is really full - though we got off lightly compared to nearby areas.

It has at least finally stopped raining.

And I have promised myself some time off on Friday, as it is forecast to be hot and sunny.

I just realised that I omitted to mention Monday's near death experience when two huge sheets of zinc blew off the roof and landed right where I was standing, loading recycling into the car - or where I would have been standing had I not heard the noise and leapt under cover. While I see this as proof of my cat-like reflexes, I do except the alternative hypothesis that being unnecessarily outdoors at the peak of a storm called Zeus was not my smartest move.

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