March Break

Today marks the beginning of my March Break....yay me! Woke up feeling like going for a nice long walk in the woods, only to discover that there was a high wind chill outside.  I don't mind the cold as much as I mind the cold wind that cuts right through and makes it difficult for me to enjoy a walk or taking photos.  The winds have been very strong this past few strong that my maple tree in the back garden snapped in two!

Regardless, I am grateful for the sunshine and for my health with so many people ill this time of year with bad colds or flus.  My great grandmother's trailing African Violet looked lovely in the sunshine.  It has been thriving and is laden with blooms at the moment!  I love how the petals are sparkling in the sun...Happier still when I realized that it is Flower Friday  : )

My daughter received a letter yesterday, confirming that she is on the Honour Roll this year so her name will be on a plaque at the college.  For a girl who struggles with a learning disability, being on the autism spectrum, and suffering from anxiety (and panic attacks) - I couldn't be more proud. Now if she can get a job, I will be over the moon  ; )

May you all have a wonderful start to the weekend!

D x

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