Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


It looks like Doris had an impact at this abandoned auto repair place down by the Beck in Shipley, and it doesn't seem anyone is in a hurry to tidy up.

I worked at home to fit around a lunchtime visit to the dentist in Shipley and had a productive morning catching up on stuff. I wasn't looking forward to the dentist (do we ever) because I was aware that my bruxism (teeth-grinding) has done a fair bit of damage over the past few months. I am learning that bruxism is commonly comorbid with aspergers and autism - one of our body's built-in anxiety management strategies.  And the news was, yes, I'm grinding into my fillings and chipping away my teeth and various repairs are necessary. A dental mouthguard has been suggested to go along with the repairs. Hmm...

Across the road from the dentist lie Shipley's fine derelict plots informal butterfly meadows which more often feature in my summer blips. All are earmarked for development though, so we never quite know if this is to be the last year that we'll see Marbled Whites and Common Blues around here.

I'm still waiting for my first butterfly of the year, partly because I've been stuck in work during the past couple of days when everyone else sems to have seen them, but there was a glimmer of sunshine so I thought I'd do a quick circuit. No luck, but I did get a glimpse of the decontamination work that's happening a bit further up the beck in advance of new building works.

I thought I'd try Crowgill Park too while I was in town, as formal ornamental beds can provide a nectar source for the early butterflies. Nothing again, but I did stumble across a new (old)  treasure which seems to have been liberated from the ivy above the bowling green. This hidden stone tablet (extras), headed: "The site for this lockup," offers some fine Victorian language. I am sure, like me, you will find no humour in innocent phrases like "the expense of this erection was defrayed," particularly when you learn that an overseer of said erection was one Jesse Cockshott.

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