Wild flower crocus

Good day today.

First of all I'm not at work, which is a big plus.

We went for a short bike ride before lunch. We were over a kilometre per hour faster and my average heart rate was lower than the same loop last week.

We then had a brief light lunch, and while it was baking I took a picture of today's blip, a crocus in our wild flower lawn. At the moment the crocuses are the only thing showing any life in the wild-flower lawn, most of it is still fast asleep, but that won't last for long. The quince in the centre of the lawn has burst into leaf this week, so it's ready to go,

After lunch we went back to the community orchard to finish of the mulching, which with the warm dry weather we managed quite a few more volunteers today. After two hours of heavy shovelling it was all done and the trees now have large deep mulch rings to keep the grass from competing with the tree. We put the last few buckets of mulch on the path which is basically just clay and lethal when it's wet - the council need to put some proper gravel on that at some point.

When we came back I made a brew and then waxed and polished two pair of boots and a pair of brown shoes. The extra photo is the logo on the hiking boots that I bought from REI on sale when I live in the US. They are over 20 years old but still in pretty good nick. The other boots are a pair of American made Red Wing boots that I wear for DIY and gardening, also still in pretty good condition considering their similar age. The shoes are a cheap pair of M&S jobs that last 12-18 months at best. I'm sure someone said something about "buy cheap and buy often, or by quality and infrequently...."

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