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By Esper

Play Ball!

The baseball season has started so the Hanshin Tigers were playing at Koshien Stadium today. I wish I could blip the delicious smell from this food stall selling okonomiyaki, takoyaki, yakisoba, fried potatoes and many other delicious foods. Everybody was commenting on it.

Arthur and I played a surreal game of baseball at the park this afternoon; baseball with small, extremely bouncy power-balls. As you can imagine, about as much time was spent searching for the balls as was spent playing baseball. Still, it was good fun in a strange kind of way. Playing outdoors with bats and balls; can't be beat.

Extras - typical Hanshin Tigers fans. Actually, comparatively understated Hanshin Tigers fans.

“Okonomy means favorite. And Yaki means fried. So it is your favorite things—fried.”  (Yoshio Saito) 

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