Robbie's Mate

This is Robbie the Robin's mate looking very fluffed up against the cold. As I'm not sure what sexes they are I'll probably call her/him Bobbie. Robbie & Bobbie has a nice ring doesn't it?

The Great Tits have continued to call and so I've stuck up my note for the posties to put our mail in the porch like last year.

It's been so chilly and dull and damp that I haven't been out at all.

A message from Skeena about Mono Monday.

"Tomrrow's Mono Monday theme is ‘DEPTH OF FIELD’, tag MM164.

Now here’s the thing, all images have a depth of field (DOF), some very shallow like my example and others very wide were the image is sharpe from foreground to infinity. One thing I ask you try is do one you don’t normally do. This may involve coming off auto for some… 

I tend to have a shallow DOF because I have bad camera shake. Using a larger aperture will increase the speed you can take the image. The distance away from the subject will also effect the DOF. Nearer and shallower it gets. I was about 3” away from these pencils. There has been no fiddling with this image, it’s what my camera phone will do.

If you want to read some technical things about DOF try this. There’s plenty more to be found on the web thingy."

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