Cow parade

Not quite the shot I was planning, but it was a busy day and what I was trying didn't work.  We did another full day of tiling today - finished the biggest wall in the bathroom and turned the corner, tiling along the top of the window, until we ran out of tiles.

I'd seen a photo in my photography magazine where the photographer had taken a shot of a fish with a macro lens, through an aluminium tube, so that the colours of the fish were reflected inside the tube.  Trouble is, I have no idea how wide or long the tube was, and lining a toilet roll with foil certainly didn't have the same effect.  In fact it had no effect - as you can see from this shot!  Ah well.

I was absolutely exhausted again while we were tiling, but seemed to get a second wind after we'd stopped this afternoon, and ended up cleaning the kitchen and then making a delicious soup (if I may say so).  Had a lovely relaxed evening after that, and caught up on last week's episode of SS:GB.

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