A rainy day, harry went to work, Selena went to London for a couple of days with her Mum. I spoke with the out laws, then did some shopping for Dad, and went up to.his house, getting quite wet in the process. I stayed a few hours an then went with Lin to see Mum. When we got there she was a bit anxious but we went into one of the quieter lounge areas and she calmed down. We chatted and I did her nails again. I left her with Lin whilst I went through the lost property of things that labels had come adrift or washed off. I found three things and the carer was glad that that was three things that found there rightful owner. Name re written in Sharpie. We left her in the dining room ready for tea. Lin came home for a tea and chat afterwards. Then I got supper ready for Harry and I before Call the Midwife.

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