A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Experimental Photography 1 :: EP1 :: Exposure

Apparently the multitude of bottles on the bathroom window sill are important. They do make an interesting subject for EP1 and CMC17.

Markus_Hediger has set out a great challenge to help us all to explore our photographic boundaries and then to push them further. Check out his explanation on his journal.

I wanted to capture the light that slips through the closed bathroom blinds and in turn the various products lying within. The strong lines of the blinds were important to capture I felt. I think they work well with the converging lines of light.

I experimented with a 12mm - 40mm lens handheld at first but found the 40mm - 150mm on a tripod worked better for the zoom effect. This technique is new to me and through experimenting I found the result worked better zooming in than zooming out.

To fit the theme of exposure I went fully manual on my camera. A few experimental shots gave me the setting of 4 seconds, f/22 at ISO100. The finished image didn't need any rescuing with post processing although I have slightly cropped it to get light trails to meet the corners. 

In some ways this is very similar to my night car light trails except there I move the whole camera in the car but here I just moved the focal point via the lens. 

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