Tiny ........

 ........... Tuesday94  (TT94)

Beautifully hosted by Freyjad

An early morning robin in dew laden grass - taken through the back door window at about 7.00am.  I would normally have cropped this but as it's Tiny Tuesday ...... I didn't.

Another day of the chainsaw massacre in the garden - six hours worth - trees are gone and a fifteen foot berberis (complete with humungous thorns) has bitten the dust.  A slight complication when part of said berberis came down on top of me resulting in some scratches on my face and a bleeding head - luckily my hair is thick or it would have been worse!

Himself has a LOT of snipping and chopping while I'm gone - thanks to ShirleyRay for the term "sous gardener" for that's what he is now!!!  :o))

It might be after six in the evening but I've managed to post this "on the day" - yay!!!

Tomorrow is packing and getting my photo stuff ready for the trip - oh, and a visit from a man to service our boiler - as if I need the extra distraction right now!!

I'm running around in circles ............. 

~ Anni ~

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