Blue Hamish

By BlueHamish

Movement in the shadows

Inspired by two things from today.

1). I had a meeting with the CIO today. I arrived on time and he excused himself as he had just finished a meeting and needed a comfort break. He returned shortly afterwards, plonked himself on the chair in front of me and to use an aeronautical phrase, he was flying low, very low. Nothing to do with the picture, but our talk did eventually move on to security cameras, of which he has several strategically placed around the home and amongst the clips that he showed me were several from late at night where the camera had detected movement in the shadows and filmed it. Nothing sinister, just passing vehicles or animals, but there was one clip of him leaving the kitchen in the wee small hours having gone in there for a drink and I could have sworn he was naked. I had been brave enough to point out that his flies were undone earlier but I balked at mentioning this one. If it was some kind of test, I probably failed miserably or passed with flying colours - depends what was expected of me.

2). Rachel called in and collected a parcel which contained a small canister of hair spray. Apparently something to do with sea water and giving you a wind swept look. Reminded me of a night out in Bournemouth when I was 19. I was camping and had washed my hair before heading out to a disco. We had no hairdryer so I stuck my head out of the car window for the 20 minute drive. When I got there, my hair was sticking out like I was stood in a 70mph gale even though there wasn't even a breeze. Stayed like that for the whole evening. Needless to say I went home alone.

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