Blue Hamish

By BlueHamish

The apple of my eye

But it's going to be eaten by a maggot unless the spider can get there first.

Sorry, one of those days where I just let my imagination run riot, sometimes to good effect, sometimes not. I know where I sit on this one.

Group visa application submitted. What a job that is. Initially it sounds like the easy option as you do one application for the group rather than individual applications and you don't have to submit your passports BUT there seems to be so much more evidence that you have to provide, e-ticket, hotel reservation, photos, passport and visa scans, permission slip signed by your great great great grandparents etc. I'm half expecting the application to bounce, not just because I forged the permission slip but because there was so much evidence that I'm bound to have gotten something wrong. Honestly, if that is the case, I will fall back to plan B which is to apply for individual visas. It costs twice as much but it feels like less hassle.

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