A New Day

By ANewDay

Hello Again

It was lovely to see the male Yellowhammer again this morning and I thought he colour co-ordinated well with my new pot of flowers:-)  Still haven't seen a female, so hope he won't be lonely for too long.

A very odd day's weather, with a sunny start followed by gale force winds and lashing rain and then ending on a sunny note!  Another day for staying in and checking out some details on my family tree.

I was flabbergasted to discover that I have English relatives on my mother's side, as I always thought her family were Scottish back to the year dot.  This explains why I couldn't find some of them on the Scotland's People website - they actually came from North Shields!  My great-great-grandfather worked in a steel foundry there.  Does that mean  I have Geordie in my DNA? 

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