Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


I didn't think it had been that long since I'd been in Birmingham, but clearly long enough for the New Street station refurbishment to be completed and for the trams to be up and running.

I've been here on enough work trips during my blipping years to know my way around, and having already photographed just about every plaque and manhole cover in the city and traipsed back streets in search of ancestral traces I was able to relax and drift. At least I was in the two hours that I'd budgeted between the end of my conference and my train home.

As it was, I could have stayed out longer, as my train was delayed by an hour, but I wandered over to the jewellery quarter and under the railway arches around Snow Hill and compiled a typically urban photo set.

For my main image I was clearly waiting for someone wearing blue or being gloomy to walk past so I could make a Hill Street Blues. But I ended up being gifted a cyclist and stuck with the title anyway.  I've thrown in a few unedited extras to give a further taste.

Shattered now, and a typically demanding Wednesday ahead of me. I should probably go to sleep.

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