The Road Not Taken

And so it was that our mild spell of spring-like, nay, nearly summer-like, weather came to a screeching halt! The nights turned bitterly cold over the weekend.

And then Monday night into Tuesday, central Pennsylvania was hammered by winter storm Stella, which plowed up the northeastern coast of the U.S., causing cancellations and delays, and leaving a heaping trail of white stuff in its wake.

The storm dumped at least 8 inches of snow in our yard by mid-day, and then it blathered on for another 1 to 2 inches of tiny-snow after that. All of the local schools closed. In fact, even PENN STATE - where I work - closed for the day. (And we were the lucky ones; some parts of eastern PA got nailed with nearly 3 feet of snow!)

I went out with my camera around mid-morning while it was still snowing, and took some photos: the deck, the trees, the yard, our house, all covered in snow.

This was the road that runs in front of our house. The mailbox (just outside of scene to the right) made it through the storm - the snowplow didn't take it down on this day. (But it would knock it down TWICE the following day!)

But as you can see, conditions were not exactly what you might consider optimal for travel. With work cancelled - a free day, at that - I didn't have anywhere I had to go. So on this particular day, I stayed home!

The soundtrack: John Denver, Back Home Again.

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