One Day to the Auction

It has been such a beautiful Autumn's day. Pity it wasn't like this when I was in Akaora. I arrived back last night after three nights away. And did it rain!

Sure was a full on day today.. when I got home from Akaora I found a letter from the hospital. My eye operation is to be on Thursday next week with a pre check in on Wednesday. I was told I will have to stay over night at the hospital after the operation. Just as well it wasn't this week seeing the auction is tomorrow. 

I had lots of paper work to fill in and get back to the hospital as soon as possible otherwise I would be bumped of the list. Also the Real Estate Agent want some things done for the auction tomorrow. John isn't good on the computer so I had to do it for him.

This afternoon I had my first treatment of my Lymphatic System drainage for my leg. Do hope it will work as it is really expensive. I was told that the Lymphatic System was clogged up but she wasn't sure why I am getting the pain in the lower part of my leg..

The house auction is at midday tomorrow. I hope there will be some bidders. There was another building inspection done while I was away... so fingers crossed!

Thank you all very much for all the wonderful stars, comments and hearts for last Saturdays blip. It was a lovely surprise to see them all when I got home last night. I will try and catch up when I can. It sure is going to be a busy week ahead forgive me if I don't catch up for a while.

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