I can Hear You

I have just got back from my trip to Akaroa...

As I was putting out my recycle bins at Akaroa this Kererū, NZ Wood Pigeon flew by landing on the Cabbage Tree nearby to get a feed of berries. Luckily I had my camera in my hand.

All the time I was in Akaroa I could hear and see the Kererū flying over my place. But they were too fast and too far away for me to get a good shot. I had never seen so many before. Pity I don't have any Cabbage Trees in my garden!

I will catch up with all of your journals when I can. Thank you very much for all the comments, stars and hearts.

My extra shot is of the same Kererū ... he was keeping an eye on me from up high. Probably was pleased I was leaving so he could go back to his berries!

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