Abstract Thursday: Pattern

I was attracted to the pattern of the wire fence and the pattern of the shadow behind, mono seemed to give it all more definition. I've called it "Don't Fence Me In" and it really does look better in large. : )

In the extra's is my second fave. After the big storm last week there are lots of bits of things lying around. It's a piece of plant, no idea what, it looks like someone has woven it, well actually the plant did it I guess, fascinating!!

I was excited to see some red tailed black Cockatoo's today and have put one of the shots in as an extra too. These are seriously endangered so it's always a thrill when they are around. It's Mr Black Cockatoo on the left and what I can only describe as his three lovely wives, wife number one is smooching him ;o). They were up very very high in this big gum tree, difficult to get a great shot but at least you can see them! The males have red feathers on their tails and the females have orange stripes and white spots on their faces.

Thanks to Ingeborg for continuing to host AT xxx

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