Evening Mallard

It's late and I'm tired so this will be short.

I went to my therapy appointment this morning and spent a good hour with Heidi. Mostly I just talked about the last few weeks.

Then I went to support group and talked about some of the realizations I've been having lately including the fact that I moved Arvin to Silverado just in time. And that at home I was trying to halt the disease which is not possible. And that it is easier to accept things when you are not right on top of them 24/7. It was a good meeting.

Then I went to see Arvin and the best part of our visit was about 20 minutes lying on his bed in each other's arms, just relaxing. I stroked his face and chest and he almost purred. I think it is the best way to share my love with him. We both were pretty darn contented.

I think the new medication is working as he said he is feeling less angry lately. And he seemed that way too. So it was a good day.

I took the photo in Scudder Pond where I took a walk after I got home. There is something special about walking in nature. It always soothes my soul and today was no exception.

And I am now in season three of Heartland. I sure do love that show.

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