Flowering red currant shrub

Spring is really bringing out the leaves and flowers in the new garden, every day there is something new to discover. There are lots of bulbs coming up, crocuses and muscari grapes out plus some interesting blue little flowers I still have to ID. There is a small bunch of mini daffodils and even three hyacinths in bloom. Waiting to see what colour the tulips will be. Magnolia tree with buds bursting at the seams. And a couple of these red currant shrubs (Ribes Sanguineum) in bloom. We got a lawnmower and a leafblower today, we're almost ready for some serious gardening !

For Flower Friday with thanks to our indefatigable host Anni/BikerBear who is hosting even when on holiday !

Thank you very much for all the visits, comments, stars and even a couple of faves for yesterday's shadow experiment !

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