Shadow pattern

Playing with an Asian food cover and its shadow and lots of light for Abstract Thursday and for Experimental Photography. The food cover lay on a shiny wooden table while the sun was almost shining on it. Overexposed, cropped to a square and a bit of colour gradient added (both off-white and black) to emphasise the colours of the cover. Funnily enough I took about a 100 shots today of so many objects and patterns as I had no idea what to come up with for an AT entry for the theme I had set myself  :-) And this image was one of the last ! See the extra for a regular image of the foodcover and still a bit of shadow.

I hope you didn't have as much problems with it as I had ! I did have fun though. Then again it was a bright and beautiful Spring day and a happy one as well, the outcome of the Dutch elections was such a relief !

Re Abstract Thursday, today's tag is AT90. I'll post the results on Sunday in my journal !
Re Experimental Photography, the tag is EP1, the host Markus_Hediger

Thanks very much for your lovely comments, stars and even a fave for yesterday's rose !

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