Art ................

 .............. and I love it!

Day 2/20 ......

(I think a dragonfly on a motorcycle qualifies for Silly Saturday too).

After such a long day I feel surprisingly awake, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!!

Picked up my car at 08.00 - NICE!!!!!  Almost brand new with 2000 miles on the clock.  :o))  (it will have just about doubled by the time I hand it back).

Checked out of one hotel - been for a drive - done a little grocery (for grocery read beer and water) shopping - checked into my new hotel - had a bite to eat - now am back in the room!

I wonder if you can guess Where BikerBear is Now from the extra (WBBN)?   If you are clever then you may even know from the motorcycle sculpture.

Thank you for all your comments this week - as always I am sorry for not responding as I should and feel myself lucky to have such great blipbuddies.

Oh ... and the flower yesterday was taken in the United Club in the airport before I left UK)

~ Anni ~

R.I.P. Chuck Berry who died today - aged 90 - I grew up loving his music and this was one of my favourites.  
So many stars have taken his songs and made them popular again.

Fabulous driving music ........

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