Mr John

By MrJohn

Circuit .....

..... training.

September means the start of the winter training season to me. As the nights begin to draw in it becomes trickier to get out on the moors for runs or bike rides after work. Today was the first Ilkley Harriers Monday evening Circuit training session of the winter season, they are held up at the local Grammar school gym every Monday between September and Easter.

Today there were only nine of us there for the first session of the year ( as the nights draw in the numbers increase to over thirty most weeks ). Most of us there were from Spartan's monday night summer moor sessions with a few of the people I run with on Tuesdays, including Neil who was leading the session tonight.

Being a running club the circuits include a lot of running around the gym inbetween each form of torture excercise. There are three sets of each form of torture excercise, 30 seconds of each on the first set, 20 seconds on the second set and 10 seconds on the third set. Inbetween each form of torture excercise we run around the gym for about a minute and a half with frequent sprints when Neil shouts out. In all it is an hour of hard hard torture excercise with only two 2 minute stops in between the sets to grab a drink of much needed water. If the body is 80% water I must sweat about half of that out on the Monday Circuit sessions.

Today's forms of torture excercises were :

1 : Hopping up and down the length of the gym on alternate legs
2 : Butterfly kicks
3 : Bench arm dips
4 : Squat thrusts
5 : V sits
6 : Chin ups
7 : Sit ups
8 : bench jumps/squats
9: Press ups

I'm already aching just an hour after finishing, and expect I will be for days, but that won't stop me going back next Monday. It's the best torture excercise of the week.

So today's bip is .....

..... Circuit training.

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