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“Oh no: Blip Block!”

Let’s face it, it’s happened to all of us – whether we’re veterans to blipping or newbies: the dreaded Blip Block.

 We had a busy and frustrating day at work and returned after dark.  The weather was lousy and confined us at home. The grandkids left. It’s the dead of winter and no flower is to be found anywhere. Or our energy level is simply gone to zero. And we do not have a blip candidate for today!  What now?
We know we’ve got a creative bunch of people in this community, so let’s hear how you’ve dealt with Blip Block.  Use the comments line below to tell us of the painless (or not so painless) way in which you’ve overcome Blip Block.  You might just inspire a few of us :)
And just to kick it off, here are a few links with tips (courtesy of the Digital Photography School):
- Making the mundane magnificent
- ‘Fowl’ weather inspirational photos
- An apple a day keeps creativity awake
 This is the first of our occasional series featuring photography tips. If you have photography topics you’d like to see featured, drop us a line at ‘’

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