Penguin Droppings

By gen2


Blip Community has been asking about #blipblock and today was just such a day for me.

Otherwise occupied all day, it was 4:30 before I managed a brief stop at Kirkcaldy Harbour on the way home.
I took 5 images of a duck, and 3 of the harbour wall. Then at 7pm I took 2 shots of the evening sky. Not a lot to go with.

But . . .

GIMP to the rescue

The result is what I consider to be an acceptable blip whereas none of the originals were.

I enhanced the colour and contrast of the harbour wall and cropped it down.

Next selected part of the sky and blurred and colour-enhanced it. Overlaid it twice (once inverted)

Next added the duck

Along the way there was an extra blur of the background layers and use of masks to control where the layers interacted.

My extra shows the components used.

The duck is in fact a female eider duck, Somateria mollissima

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