Autumn shades.....

.....dampened by the rain.

Woke to rain, drove into the city which had dry roads, came back out just after noon and hit the rain again, the fine mizzly stuff which hangs around, all good for local farmers.

Cones moved on Manchester street causing us to take a wrong turn so a quick round the block we went for another try....along with all the lumps and bumps we finally got to Moorehouse Ave where all was normal, well if you can call the city roads normal....R was in good spirits today.

Late afternoon I poked my head out the door and got this shot, quite like the rain as the background while the droplets are sparkling.

This weather is supposed to hang around.....I have no idea why we're still on daylight saving, certainly not weather to be enjoying a bbq!

Wednesday was a damp, mizzly kind of day.....

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