.... to celebrate another Wide angled Wednesday with Bobs Blips - the holiday man!!!

On the way into Penrith for an appointment early, and liked the look of this. After another massive dump of rain again overnight, with the humidity there was some mist hanging around the mountain base. The water is part of the Lakes scheme being established.

Then noticed the white faced Heron perched on a tree stump above watching me - in extra.

Only issue did not have a wide angle lens so stitched a pano - plenty "wide" here I reckon. And a couple of "M's" for the challenge..... mist and Mountains and still mud with the rain!

Enjoy, and have a look in LARGE looks far better on a black backing.

.... guess what, as I type this, it is bucketing down again, has been relentless now for nearly three weeks. yesterday we had something like 50 mm, and way its going now same again.

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