Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Leaving Lanzarote

We were up by 8am for our friends to run us to Arrecife airport for our midday flight home from Lanzarote  to Bristol. Julia was a 'little' hung over from last nights goodbye meal but  decided she wanted to drive to take her mind off it!  I was happy as I was able to sit in the back and was able to take a couple of snaps from the back on the journey.

The blipfoto hasn't come out too bad considering it's through a dirty rear window and a moving car!

The flight went smoothly; the weather was as expected - gloomy and damp. Certainly differnet from the Palm trees of a few hours earlier!

Wide Angle Wednesday Challenge:

The tag is widwed followed by the date in DDMMYY order (6 digits) so widwed220317

The themes are words that start with the first of last letter of March OR have 3 things in it (third month). If you can't find a 'M', 'H' or 3 then any wide angle will suffice.

Make 'em look wide if you haven't a wide lens - no excuses for not having a go!

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