Antony & Cleopatra

A very busy day.
This evening we went to see Antony and Cleopatra at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford. I thoroughly enjoyed it - particularly the performances by Josette Simon and Antony Byrne who took the lead roles - they were superb. I think she was born to play Cleopatra. I took this at the end when they were taking their bows - you cannot take photos during the performance. It was "Press Night" and there were quite a few famous faces in the audience (however neither of us is any good at names so we couldn't tell you who they were). 
We passed this swan (see extra) on our way to the theatre - he was trying to look over the bridge parapet to see his mates down on the river below. 
At lunchtime I met up with half a dozen old school friends for a bite to eat and a catch-up. A group of us have met about twice a year. for the last few years. Sadly one lady who was over from Spain couldn't make it as first her husband was poorly this week, and then her, As she's in a wheelchair and he has to look after her, they weren't able to get there. Another lady who is also in a wheelchair called the pub we were meeting at this morning, and found out that although they advertise as being "disabled friendly" there were two steps up to the place where the toilets were, and in any case the toilet door was too narrow for a wheelchair, so she and her husband (who is her carer) had to cry off at the last minute as she wouldn't have been able to get to the loo. 
This morning we had a Skype session with our family in Taiwan - and they all sang Happy Birthday to me. At that precise time I seemed to have some dust in my eye. 
Unfortunately the parcel they sent to me with my birthday present in has gone AWOL so fingers crossed that it will turn up. 

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