Shakin' all over

MrM's man flu heavy cold was no better today so, instead of walking up the Cheviot with a friend as planned, he spent most of the day on the sofa, dozing. He did manage a couple of short walks on the Common with Louie as well, and I joined them for both. Late morning, I walked up to the Common, around the path and back (we have to drive there with Louie as it's much too far for him to walk). Felt quite pleased - it's the longest walk I've managed since mid-January, with enough uphill to be a bit of a challenge but downhill all the way home!

It was very warm and sunny - T-shirt weather, even up on the Common, and it was good to be out. On the way back I spent a while watching this muscovy duck and his friend (extra) enjoying their bath in a muddy puddle.

Spent an hour or so tidying in the courtyard this afternoon; hoping to do a bit more tomorrow. About to make a meal, after which a relaxing evening may be in order - during the day I seem to have developed a cough and a runny nose. Inevitable really...

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