That kind of a day :)

Sooooooo lovely to get away int Dales... and in't sunshine too.... I even had me coat off.... I know!!!
A trip to the oh so pretty little hamlet of Langthwaite in Richmondshire today.  A most very soul enriching walk around its beck and hills which concluded with refreshment at The Red Lion where we sat out in the sun and enjoyed the company of a lovely couple who had driven over from Leeds (first extra).  Just to the left of the pub is the wee bridge which some of you may remember from the opening scene in the much loved TV series, 'It shouldn't happen to a vet'.
The whole area has a history of lead mining, the church in the village was built to accommodate a hundred times the number of people who live in the village now.  We went in search of two of the derelict smelting mills and fell in love with them, 'Surrender smelting mill' in second extra and 'Old Gang smelting mill' in't third.
What a very lovely day, and way to celebrate the first anniversary of me meeting Mr Lupes:))
Apologies again for my lack of interaction - I'm missing it xx

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