Take your pick

We husbands are often under great pressure over our lack of skills in matter of housekeeping, D.I.Y, animal grooming and a few other things too.

So here my reply - take your pick and give it a kiss.

Whereas the village nature group are helping the local amphibians to cross the road at night, I am at our pond with head mounted torch and net fishing them out as fast as they appear on the surface. Generally around 75-100 a night and that now for at least 4 nights. Our pond is only about 2m x 2m with I admit too many goldfish but at this time of year it gets brimming full of toads and frogs joining the mass of newts. The water and above all the bottom mud and all the water plants are put under great pressure. In the past we have let them do their thing but then suffer all summer trying to pump in oxygen and watch the expensive garden centre bought oxygen generating plants again be eaten away.

So this spring we have partly built a wire netting wall, got the cats on hunger rations so that they patrol the area more conscientiously rather than just playing hop-a-long. Does also mean a night time drive out to the local lake to join their colleagues saved by the village nature group.

There was an item on the radio this week asking people not to put their unwanted goldfish in local lakes as they apparently to local aquatic insect life what the white shark is to Bondi beach bathers.

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