Lower Antelope Canyon....

....on the Navajo Reservation in Page, Arizona. 
We started the morning off with a view of Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River, followed by a trek to Horseshoe Bend (3rd picture in extras) which had just incredible views in every direction! From there we went to  tour Lower Antelope Canyon, where we walked for about a half mile over sloping ground, then descended some 3 stories of stairs where we were treated to an ever changing display of beautiful shapes cut into the rock by water erosion which took place over millions of years. I've put 2 more pictures in the extras--the first shows a few people from the tour ahead of ours and gives some perspective to the size of the stones in the canyon. After walking for a little over an hour through some incredibly steep and narrow areas, we came up a set of stairs, through an opening in the ground, which I thought was just amazing--all of us sort of popping up out of the canyon! That's the second extra, and pictures our guide carrying a little boy up and out. A truly unbelievable place!!  :)))

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