It's all about the eyes....

....and the tongue! Haha! 
Tom and I took a short walk this morning, but it was too cold and too windy for him so we didn't go far. I dropped him off at home and took a longer walk along the Lake, which was even colder because of the wind coming off the water. I didn't take my camera, so had to come up with something for today, and my little blip assistant said I could take her picture. I had her stand on the chair & lean against the back so I could use the light from the window. She laid her head against her arm to pose, looking so cute, and in the time it took for me to raise the camera, this is what I got! Of course she wanted to see it, which made her laugh and laugh--she liked it so she was done! Trying to get her to hold still is like trying to stop the wind from blowing! :))

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