Striped vodka jellies

What a day!

Morning: cooking.
Afternoon: playing (and winning).
Evening: drinking, eating, partying, playing (and losing to Jon).
3:00am the next morning: to bed.

I have had a wonderful time celebrating my birthday with Mr hazelh, Katherina, Val, Sally, Richard, nadinepierce, Dr S, Wiebke, Paul, Darcie, Keith, Jon, Jack, and Brian. Since there were 15 of us for the meal - pies by post, posh roast vegetables, mashed potatoes, striped vodka jellies (blipped), cheescake trifle, tiramisu, and cheese - we set two tables. Nine were in the kitchen, and six sat at our large oval table in the hall. This arrangement worked very, very well.

Exercise today: none, although I was on my feet much of the day.

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