The key

Had a little lie-in this morning, then got up and got on with the coving in the bathroom again.  We'd just finished and were tidying up, when Tim (taking the buckets to the outside tap to wash them out) ran into our neighbour, Sue, who had managed to lock herself out of her flat.  The poor thing was rather confused and didn't really know what to do, or how to get back in.  She has carers going in three times a day, to sort out her meals, so Tim tried to call them to see if they could get her in (as they have a a key safe outside her door), but it was impossible to get hold of them.  Long story short, we looked after her all afternoon and, when it didn't look like the evening carer was coming, Tim called a locksmith.  Thankfully, eventually (about 7:30pm), the carer did turn up - just in time to cancel the locksmith - and Sue was able to get back in to her own flat. 

Finally phoned my Mum just before 8pm, to wish her happy Mother's Day.  Luckily, we'd sent her flowers and I'd already spoken to her yesterday, so she wasn't worried that I hadn't called - and she'd had a really lovely day with my sister and family.  They were all still round the dinner table, slightly sozzled and having a good laugh :)

Whacked our leftover Chinese in the microwave, and ate that while Tim watched the Formula 1 - and that was pretty much it for the day!

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