What an exciting discovery on my way home this evening - the new walkways linking up the Barbican and the new London Wall Place development have been opened up.  I had a short wander around a few of them before carrying on to Cannon Street.  Looking forward to exploring more soon.

Felt a bit rubbish when I woke up this morning - and then came over all faint on the train into work.  It was going painfully slowly and I didn't have a seat - so I ended up having to squat down in order not to pass out.  Of course, this being London, no one batted an eyelid or asked if I was OK.  To be honest though, I was quite glad just to be left alone.  I got a seat from London Bridge to Cannon Street, and felt a bit better for the walk into the office.  If I hadn't had such a busy day ahead, I think I might just have turned round and gone back home - but I was alright once I got in, and did have quite a productive day.

Glad to get home this evening though!

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