Our neighbours are having work done so when I saw the Hippo bag I earmarked it for a Blip. This morning I decided to take the photograph for Silly Saturday on a Monday with the caption "It's not every day you see a hippo in a our front garden!"  

I crept out to lift up the side of the bag so that the word "Hippo" was showing properly, not thinking I would be seen, when I suddenly heard our neighbour, Sandra, who said - with an incredulous expression in her voice - "What ARE you doing NOW, Maureen?"  I explained to her that it's not often you see a hippo in your front garden - and she promptly struck a pose! I told her she'd be in my Blip if she stayed like that - so here she is!! 

How wonderful it is to have neighbours who enjoy life as much as we do - and of course, the day you don’t laugh is a day wasted.  

We went out shopping just after I took this photograph and met some friends to have our free coffee in Waitrose and the bonus when we came back was seeing a Green Woodpecker on the grass just as we drove into our road.  Mr. HCB reversed the car but it hopped away before I could get a good photograph - ah well, no doubt it will be there again.

"In the sweetness of friendship 
     let there be laughter, 
          and sharing of pleasures. 
For in the dew of little things 
     the heart finds its morning 
          and is refreshed."
Khalil Gibran

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