Art For Art's Sake?

A red light on the BT home hub this morning and an unusable service for most of the day. :( 

I got an anxious call from our elderly neighbour, who had been contacted because a huge old oak on the edge of her property had been toppled by the high winds we had last week into the stream and onto an adjoining property. I took her for a site meeting with the owner and acted as her negotiator. We were both pleased with the deal that was agreed for its removal. Shame to see the demise of such a venerable old oak but a lovely day for a country walk. John Clare would have loved it. Lots of brimstones looking for love.
"The butterflies, by eager hopes undone,
Glad as a child come out to greet the sun,"

I took the above fairly early this morning when I noticed the colours of the fruit in the bowl blending with the beautiful dust-jacket of Carry Ackroyd's 'nature's powers and spells' Landscape Change, John Clare and Me. I keep her book, that I bought when I visited John Clare's birthplace, on the sideboard as I love the serigraph and linocut illustrations.

Today's poem is Poem by Tom Clark.

I can imagine the musical instruments abandoned in a field. In the end it's better to embrace life, even if it is fleeting and imperfect, rather than art. 

PS I'm in such a muddle with my broadband issues and backblipping that I didn't realise that this is my 1500 blip. Shame as I was going to theme it around the 1500cc Riley One Point Five with its twin carbs which had rally success when I was a child in the fifties. :)   


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