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By northernlass261

On a Mission

A bright sunny day with a cooling breeze again.    It does feel as though the weather is on the turn.

This morning we had several jobs to do in El Ejido, first to the Post Office to post a parcel, second to the Town Hall to the Consumer Rights office. We have just had the bill for our telephone which includes his mobile.   On it he had been charged for subscription and use of children's games!   He never uses his phone for games and so rang up to be told that he must have used it but that he wouldn't be getting a refund.   All of the times were on a Sunday morning at 7.30!   He is either still in bed or out walking Holly!

At the offices we met a friend who works there (she sings in the choir) and so pointed us in the right direction.   Having lodged the complaint which was quite straight forward, it had to be registered downstairs, and then we will get a letter from the Town Hall, and will then await a response from Telefonica!   Job done!

The photo is the inside of the Town Hall which is decked out for the 40th annual Theatre celebrations.   The area on the ground floor is where the Nativity Display was at Christmas.

From there then he decided he wanted to check out other providers, so got that and then had a coffee.

This afternoon, with the pending visit of Alan's son, it has propelled me into action to start some Spring cleaning, so I have washed all the security bars and persianas (outside blinds).   Feel as if we have accomplished quite a lot today.

Quiz tonight, so I think we will deserve a glass or two of wine!

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