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By ajt

From my cold, dead hands!

Today a British government performed an egotistical, stupid and destructive thing, which will turn out to be the most disastrous act that any has befallen the UK in peace time by withdrawing from the largest free trade in the world for nothing. Mrs Mayhem can pry my EU Citizenship from my cold, dead hands!

I'm going to lose my job later this year and even though we worked hard and saved to by our lovely house, the only option left to us now is to sell up and leave for an EU country while they will let me in. It's quite clear that my French better half is no longer welcome in the UK, so if it's a choice between family or country, then family always wins.

To Scottish and Northern Irish blippers, while I prefer the UK to remain whole, I say get out now if you can and let the English sink in their self imposed stupidity... If like me you are English, then look somewhere else while you can, things are going to get rough, very rough...

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