Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Well, is it? - DS75

I have decided to put today's shot into this week's DS.  Hopefully we are still allowed to use a shot on any day of the relevant week - or are we?

And, indeed, how derelict is this derelict house?

It sits on the lower slopes of St Giles Hill overlooking St John's Street.  Ever since I've been living here (more than half my lifetime) it has appeared precisely the same.  If you look to the right of the property you will see the boundary wall is broken down, and in the corner of the yard the dunny roof's been smashed in.  Does it even have plumbing inside the house apart from, perhaps, a cold tap?.  The hill is so steep here the house has at least one more storey underneath and a yard no wider than the house.  There are dusty wooden shutters inside the windows, but round the side is a low window without shutters and with a spidery shelf of old and rather nice (Wedgwood, even) pots and vases.

So is it derelict?  About two years ago someone planted 4 laurel bushes where the broken wall was, but these only lasted a few months.  I do not know what to make of it!

Many thanks to Marlieske for hosting DS right now

Apart from that, I spent some time in the garden today, which was nice.  Hope your day was good too - and hey, tomorrow is Friday :))  xx

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