Up Shit Creek

Misty at the harbour - I had nipped over to retrieve the post. And of course got caught by the harbourmasterfuhrer. Luckily the sidekick flirted with him to distraction allowing me to enjoy some banter with the work party without getting roped in. Phew.
Then a couple of hours of most enjoyable weeding and listening to podcasts. This article 50 which is being invoked (triggered?) sounds like a bit of a nightmare. Where’s Boris and all his bluster to navigate a way through it? Lying low, the devious bastard. Instead we have whey faced Davis, whose performance when summoned to the Select Committee chaired by Hilary Benn, was of the nature of the proverbial slow motion car crash. Help! Johnny Foreigner will be running rings round this bunch.
After, it was up to Loudon’s to have a chat with the son and treat him to a new bike tyre from Evans.
And finally, beers! A goodly crew, and now that AJ has retired from his Wednesday uke band slot, we could be in for intelligent conversation. Like, is Amstel just as good as Caley’s Three Hops?

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