My alternative diary

By chrisphoto

Abstract Thursday

Emily was at the Hospital clinic this afternoon with her Mum and wife. I was deputed to pick Alice (13 years) and Jacob from school and take home. The wireless was on in the car and there was reference to Brexit and us leaving the European Union.

Alice to me: “Grampy have we left the European Union yet?”
Me:  “No, not yet. It will take about two years”
Alice: “But I don’t want to leave”
Alice: “Why didn’t I get a vote and the other young people? They did in Scotland didn’t they”.
Me: Because the Politicians didn’t agree it.
Alice: “So you Adults are making decisions for us – we are the ones it will affect most, it’s not fair”
And then music on the radio took over.

My contribution to Abstract Thursday (Architecture) was a detail taken around the Lychgate at our local church. And so is my extra.

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