Hobbs's Run

By hobbs

Spare Colours

Last day of March and here's a smattering of colour which I came across today. Weather conditions were happier although it seems that colour friendly circumstances will be short lived. Why am I not surprised?

It's been a most interesting 31 days and I certainly found new things to learn about photographing colours. In any event I especially want to thank all those blippers who decided to join me for the Colour Month Challenge, which made things much more fun and gave me the impetus I very much needed to last out the task.

I have been awarding hearts as we went but I had  indicated that I'd highlight the five best CMC17 blips for the month when we wound things up. There were far too many good colour blips (more than 600 in all) and so I think I'll have to make it the best 10. More about that, tomorrow. 

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