Hello Blipfriends!
Dolly here! NOT happy!! started off as such a good day! Relaxing with Mum! Helping her get better. Then all of a sudden things went terribly wrong! Mum almost NEVER gives me a bath! She's lazy and lets the groomers do it. Which is a GOOD thing! But today of all days she said it HAD to be done! Apparently she thought I was a little stinky!

"But, Mum!! You're not well! This won't be good for you!!"

Grrr....I didn't win that argument! But I DID veto some of the other pictures she took of me in the bath! I'm sure they would have violated the blip rules for decency! This was the ONLY picture I let her use. STUPID bath! AND I smell weird! Even though Mum says I smell wonderful! What does SHE know?

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