"Anything But Common"

Today has been a long ,hot, heavy schedule . The starling seen in my extra ( yes it was but one bird ) obliged me with left profile and right .Hence I've cropped and made into a collage .From there to the most awful orthopaedic  practice ever ! They insist on taking an eye shot of you to keep on the data bank .Like being at airport security only not as pleasant.
Then to get an MRT ( arranged by my GP ) This at a great practice and in the grounds I saw the above Star Magnolia. Drooping and wobbling( me not the flower) I've done the best I could .Ages in the scanner I almost fell asleep .Very  relaxing .
Why the title ? The common starling , is anything but common. It's a beautiful bird and rarely seen in my part of the city .It's Flower Friday each week but minus a garden I rarely take part . This week I do and thank who ever is hosting it :

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