Deutsche Imbiss - Culinary Culture.

The typical German Imbiss serves hot food and drinks at very low prices. Usually family run they are to be found in a hut , or trailer & through out the city. Some have moved with the times and put their menu in the internet. This place is situated at a bus stop and as with most, has chairs and a table .There are also vending machines should these be required for  'life's 'pleasure's'..The pommes or chips are usually good , but don't expect vinegar .Curry Wurst is not my thing but for many Berliners it's the equal of fish and chips .It's good to see they have survived the big American chains 
.'# I've just been notified that this is my 400th blip in a row .Gracious , had I known I could have stopped off and celebrated with a tray of chips :) ( joking )

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