"MAC" Manchester .Home Of Humanity

Last Monday my charger ( under warranty ) died . Last Tuesday it was tested and returned to Apple .No replacement was issued nor to this date has it been .
However I had an ace card .Apple US had given me a voucher to the value of 180 dollars as a good will gesture for past events . I contacted the online office in Ireland and asked for two  new chargers using my voucher .It had to be done online .(No sense no flexibility). Last Thursday I was informed  via email they had shipped from somewhere in England to the address I'm at in Manchester . Today it's Tuesday and nothing has arrived , there is no tracking and the office in Dublin will neither answer emails or the phone . Nor did they state who it shipped with.
Today I went,  plus one Mac Pro to the Apple Store , Trafford centre.They  listened and were rather shocked .The Manager gave me  a charger to keep .It isn't as high a watt as my old one but wow it works. Common sense ruled . They even tried to call Dublin but no reply still from the person who insists she owns the case etc .The rest will have to be resolved and Apple US informed once more as to the short comings of  EU Customer Support Dublin .Let's hear it for Manchester  and Common Sense . Sadly, in short  supply these days . This beloved  Mac + charger has to be my blip .

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