a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Yellow is so difficult

Flower Friday: The difficulty that yellow represents

I cannot be alone in noticing that photographing yellow flowers is not quite as easy as it ought to be.  The camera seems to be put off by yellow flowers (and red flowers too for that matter), in that you generally need  to make an exposure adjustment when shooting.  Learning to use the histogram display on the camera turned out to be really quite useful after all - many thanks Emma Davies.  (Not that I always get it right, but I'm getting better slowly)

But enough of the technical difficulties, I hope you enjoy the water buttercups against the reflection of the blue sky taken first thing this morning before I went to work.  Its a great feeling knowing that you have a blip in your bag and can relax in the thought that any other shots that might come your way are a bonus :-)

Thanks as always go to Anni (Biker Bear) for the Flower Friday challenge.

I managed a bit of a blip catch up yesterday and will try to get properly up to date this weekend.  My but I've missed some fabulous shots.  I am sure that the inspiration of everyone else's great work encourages me to try harder to improve.

Have a lovely weekend all.  I wonder what April's fool jokes will be in tomorrow's paper's etc?  Hope there are some good ones!

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